Dr Jenni Caruso
BA.Hons PhD. History
Cultural & Diversity Consultant

Dr Jenni Caruso is an Eastern Arrente woman whose personal experience is that of being a member of the Stolen Generations. The principles which underpin Saltbush Consulting are that all Australians should have access to information and the sharing of knowledge on Aboriginal history in this nation that is delivered in a respectful and inclusive manner.


I acknowledge that the land that I live on are the traditional lands of the Kaurna people and that I respect Kaurna spiritual relationship with Country. I also acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today. I also acknowledge the diversity of Aboriginal People who live, work and gather on Kaurna land. I operate on the lands belonging to the Kaurna People and acknowledge them as traditional owners. I pay my respects to Kaurna leaders past, present and emerging and acknowledge and pay respect to all traditional owners and descendants of all Aboriginal Nations.

Anyente arrpenhe
(respect) to my
Eastern Arrernte and
Waanyi ancestors
and Elders.


Jenni’s approach in History is that Aboriginal experiences since the time of colonisation is an imperative education.


Dr Jennifer Caruso (BA.Hons, PhD. History) is an Eastern Arrente woman whose research, writing, speaking and faciliation focuses on the contemporary impacts of Aboriginal history across the 20thCentury. Dr Caruso’s work crosses the breadth of that history. As with many Indigenous peoples, Dr Caruso’s academic career has followed its own pattern, gaining her undergraduate and honours levels as a mature age student while lecturing in Indigenous Cultures and History at the University of Adelaide.

Jenni’s approach in History is that Aboriginal experiences since the time of colonisation is an imperative education for all but more so for the empowerment of Aboriginal people through her writing and speaking which utilise both an Aboriginal knowledge position as well as a social and history approach, Dr Caruso “engages in political activism” drawing audiences into a paradigm shift bringing them to a ‘new’ and more accurate comprehension of the ongoing impacts of colonisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Jenni graduated in 2018 with her Doctoral thesis titled “Dream Phantasy of a Utopia” which uncovered the interactions between church, state, and academia (particularly anthropology) in the setting up of the Methodist Overseas Half-Caste Children’s Mission of Croker Island. Jenni is also the recipient of the prestigious Gladys Elphick Quiet Achiever Award(2017), the 2018 South Australian NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award, shortlisted for the 2019 Premier’s NAIDOC Award, and most recently included in the South Australian Women’s Honour Roll.


Prior to colonisation of the continent of Australia there were some 250 pre-existing Aboriginal cultural and language groups who had successfully maintained complex sustainable lifeways which had a symbiotic relationship with the land, the environment, and the cosmos. Following the ‘frontier’ period where many of these life-ways had been disrupted or destroyed, the twentieth century was a time of consolidation of the nation as ‘Australia’. It was also a time when Aboriginal Australians continued the struggles for social and political recognition as equal peoples of the nation.

The aim of this consultancy is to give all Australians an understanding of the Aboriginal experience of life in twentieth and 21st centuries discussing a broad range of topics which were are of continued significance to Aboriginal people today. Central to the conversation is the socio-political positioning of Aboriginal experiences in relation to discussions on government policies, institutionalisation, Aboriginal art and literature, and Aboriginal political movements with the aim that participants will develop an informed critical understanding of the experiences of Aboriginal Australians and the impacts of that history on contemporary Aboriginal populations in order to determine inclusive practices and ways forward towards Reconciliation.

Products & Services Capability

Discussion and exploration of these topics aims to generate a ‘different thinking’ approach to the evolution of a culturally informed workforce through measured tailored programs to meet the identified requirements of schools, community and council organisations, non-profit organisations and industry bodies.



Indigenous Students Entering a Course in the Health Professions: A Qualitative Study of their Aspirations and Expectations

DIGITAL ARTICLE by Anna Chur-Hansen; Paul Herbert ; Jenni Caruso ; Robert Barrett

Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal, Vol. 32, No. 5, Sept/Oct 2008: 19-24

Cross-cultural and indigenous issues in psychology

BOOK by Anna Chur-Hansen, Jenni Caruso, Kaysorn Sumpowthong and Deborah Turnbull

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Identity: Being Aboriginal in the Academy: ’It’s an Identity Thing’

ARTICLE by Jenni Caruso

Teaching History for the Contemporary World: Tensions, Challenges and Classroom Experiences in Higher Education, Springer Nature, 2021: Chapert 6

Turn This Water Into Wine

DIGITAL ARTICLE by Jennifer Caruso

Australian Feminist Studies. Volume 27, 2012-Issue 73: Living in Connection: Colleagues Celebrate Margaret Allen

Knowing the past; History Trust SA podcast

PODCAST Facilitated by Dr Jenni Caruso

This talk was recorded live for the opening of South Australia’s History Festival in 2021, a in-conversation event with Dr Jared Thomas and Dr Skye Krichauff as they examine the complexities of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal understandings of past experiences.


Dr Caruso is known for her work as a leader both in the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. She has skilfully people engaged groups of people, organisations and industry bodies in intensive discussion on a range of Cultural Respect workshops that help lead to respectful partnerships between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal Australians.

Port Adelaide and Enfield Libraries

The City of PAE Libraries engaged Dr Caruso as a speaker on the Uluru Statement for the Heart. Jenni was an engaging speaker, blending academic information with humour to ensure the session was informative yet light. She was aware of keeping professional distance, but willing to share her story when appropriate. The audience left wanting to take action and continue their self-education, with many asking for us to have Jenni return for a follow-up session. Jenni was a pleasure to work with.


Recently the TRILITY Group had the privilege of having Dr. Jenni Caruso share her life's journey with TRILITY employees and their guests in an event associated with Ozwater 2021.  Not only was Jenni's story compelling, it was also one from the heart. It was both confronting and a very sobering reminder to us all of the forcible removal of Indigenous children from their families. Jenni shares intimate details of her life as one of 'The Stolen Generations' (also known as Stolen Children) through narrative and presentation, a truly impactful experience for all in attendance. If you are looking for a truthful, captivating, and moving way to educate your teams on 'The Stolen Generations,' I suggest inviting Jenni to your next employee event. In closing, I would like to add that Jenni is also one of the warmest and most caring individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.
Caroline Kerkhof
Head of Communications, TRILITY

Department of Energy
and Mining

“Our “on the couch” session with Doctor Jenni Caruso was a generous, warm and powerful conversation. We are grateful for the honest discussions around Stolen Generations and the personal impact it has had in the lives of our First Nations People. Doctor Caruso is a gifted speaker who combines personal insights with a depth of research and understanding to create  a deeper reflective view of the past  and practical ways on how we can all walk together as Australians in the future.”
Paul Heithersay
Chief Executive Department for Energy and Mining

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